Was It Worth It?

I am truly sorry Herman Cain is dead from COVID-19. I offer my condolences to his family. But Herman Cain made his choices, and those choices cost him his life.

Herman Cain, maskless at Trump’s Tulsa Rally

I don’t know what he wanted by hitching his wagon to Donald Trump, but he chose to do that. He chose to go to the Tulsa Trump rally and not wear a mask. Trump was still staunchly standing by his “don’t wear a mask,” and Herman didn’t wear one.

Today, he is dead.

As far as I’m concerned, Trump is criminally negligent and liable for over 150,000 dead Americans. Even if Hillary Clinton were responsible for the death of 4 Americans (Benghazi), the comparison pales. And Trump had been told countless times that his actions were going to and have killed tens of thousands of Americans.

I sincerely hope that Herman Cain’s friends, family, and casual contacts were not exposed to the virus because of his choices. I hope that none of them die.

To politicize a pandemic for your own desires is worse than deplorable. It’s worse than evil. And I think it is worthy of criminal prosecution and liability as man slaughter at the very least.

As we have driven across the United States, choosing a route through states where the pandemic is less out of control, I have observed first hand that at least 75% of the people we encountered along the way wore masks. They maintained 6 feet of distance from others. They were responsible people behaving responsibly.

While this gives me hope that Americans understand Trump’s failed presidency, I am still saddened by the 25% that remain a danger to themselves and to others.