A Republican Speaks

Steve Schmidt

Republican Steve Schmidt, who ran John McCain’s 2008 campaign for president, was interviewed recently on MSNBC. In response to a very general question regarding the Trump Presidency, Mr. Schmidt succinctly summed up his assessment of Donald Trump’s presidency. He said:

“Donald Trump has been the worst president this country has ever had. And, I don’t say that hyperbolically. He is. But he is a consequential president. And, he has brought this country in three short years to a place of weakness that is simply unimaginable if you were pondering where we are today from the day where Barack Obama left office. And, there were a lot of us on that day who were deeply skeptical and very worried about what a Trump presidency would be. But this is a moment of unparalleled national humiliation, of weakness.

When you listen to the President, these are the musings of an imbecile. An idiot. And I don’t use those words to name call. I use them because they are the precise words of the English language to describe his behavior. His comportment. His actions. We’ve never seen a level of incompetence, a level of ineptitude so staggering on a daily basis by anybody in the history of the country whose ever been charged with substantial responsibilities.

It’s just astonishing that this man is president of the United States. The man, the con man, from New York City. Many bankruptcies, failed businesses, a reality show, that branded him as something that he never was. A successful businessman. Well, he’s the President of the United States now, and the man who said he would make the country great again. And he’s brought death, suffering, and economic collapse on truly an epic scale.

And, let’s be clear. This isn’t happening in every country around the world. This place. Our place. Our home. Our country. The United States. We are the epicenter. We are the place where you’re the most likely to die from this disease. We’re the ones with the most shattered economy. And we are, because of the fool that sits in the Oval Office behind the Resolute Desk.

One thought on “A Republican Speaks”

  1. Hello Tim!!
    Thank you for sharing the words of Mr.Schmidt’s clear explanation of the man in charge.
    I am sincerely hoping that many Republicans will open their minds and hearts to see Mr. Trump for the reckless fool that he is. “Never Trump”
    Unfortunately., there are those in my own family (Pensacola) still believe in the man sitting in the White House. Being brought up in same household is astonishing that we are so far apart politically. As for me,transferring fromPensacola Christian to public education began my What I like to call my enlightenment. The academics were sub-par bit my journey to integration was profound.
    Your former classmate
    Deb Forst (Debbie Ramsey)

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