Home Depot

Dear Home Depot

Home Depot

Your local store social distancing policy is much appreciated. However, in the pouring rain, like today, it’s an absolute disaster.

I have been very diligent in my efforts to remain 6′ away from others when I feel I have to go out at all. I went to your store to get Clorox, which is still unavailable in my local grocery store.

The weather was pouring rain. Since you limit this store’s occupancy to 70 people, a line had formed to enter the store. Each person inside the store was standing by one of your red cones on the floor, which are all at least 6 feet apart. Great.

But outside, in the pouring rain, over a dozen people waiting to enter the store were forced to huddle together, jammed in under two small tent covers. They were merely inches apart.

In the rain, your social distancing policy actually is forcing people to do the exact opposite. You need a better strategy.

I would like to suggest that, when it’s pouring rain outside, you use the very large covered area at the pro exit, where pro customers pick up supplies, to create your social distancing line. Since this area is so large, a significant number of waiting customers can easily maintain the 6 foot distance.

Since the pro area of your store is closed, customers needing to pick up large deliveries could do this at the main entrance under the two small tent covers. In other words, use the main entrance as an exit. Perhaps you could even invest in a couple of very large tent covers that trucks could more easily drive under rather than drive up to. Or use the large tent covers for the lines of people waiting to get in the main entrance when it’s raining.

Just a thought. Your present policy, when it’s raining, did exactly the opposite of what it is intended to do. This needs to be remediated.

Thank you,
A Concerned Customer