Old TV and VHS Tapes

Revisiting 1983 and 1984

In the process of thinning out everything we are moving when we leave Atlanta, I came across two VHS tapes. One was recorded in 1983. The other was recorded in 1984. I remembered making these of the family at Christmas during those years.


We no longer have a way to watch them. We don’t have a functioning VHS player.


So I decided to take the tapes over to Nostalgia Media Services to have them converted to DVD.

I wasn’t sure the tapes were any good. They are over 30 years old! Have they rotted or deteriorated? I had no idea. The cardboard VHS cases seemed to have tiny spots of mold or mildew on them.

Well, they were fine. Nostalgia media called and said they were ready.

Then, I wasn’t sure how I would react to watching these. All but one of the people on the 1983 DVD is now long since dead. My sister is still alive, but my grandmother is gone; my great Aunt Easter and great Uncle Frank and great Aunt Hester and great Uncle Shelley are all gone. My parents are both gone.

Would watching this make me profoundly sad? These were all people whom I loved dearly, and they have been gone for many years now.

Well, I simply couldn’t not watch it!

Watching the 1983 DVD

So, I popped it in the DVD player and hit play. While I certainly miss the old timers, seeing them again, hearing their voices and their laughter again, watching those precious mannerisms, reliving those moments from so long ago was such a tremendous joy. It was as if I were visiting with them, albeit a much too-short visit. I’m so glad we were able to get the tapes digitized.

Another amazing thing was seeing my sister and me. We were so young! I think I can remember being that young. Goodness! It was as if we were different people back then! I guess in many ways I certainly was.

I haven’t sat down to watch the 1984 video yet. The present has been too busy. But I look forward to watching it as well.

I suspect with camera phones being so pervasive, young people today will have a treasure trove of these memories.