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I was slow to join Apple Music as I was already using Spotify and really liked it. When I did the 30 day free trial for Apple Music, I found the interface clunky, and the search engine was very unsatisfying. I just didn’t like it at all. I find this rather typical of Apple’s product line. They over promise and under deliver, especially with new product launches.

After several years I was hearing Apple Music was better. They had a vastly larger library. Their recommendations were more relevant to what you listened to and what you liked. They had an AppleTV app. I decided to give them another try. If I recall correctly, they even let me try it again for free for 14 days–but I may be hallucinating that now.

I really enjoyed the new experience. The apps were by no means perfect, but they were indeed vastly better. Searching for music made more recommendations that made sense. However, the interface on the different platforms (AppleTV vs Mac OS vs iOS) was different enough that I found that frustrating. Features were still missing that I wanted. But, all in all, the experience was much better.

With the last major overhaul of the apps, I now actually mostly like the user experience. I’m getting new music recommendations that are actually related to my musical tastes. I can easily like or dislike (as in recommend more like this and not like this) a song any any of the platforms. I also enjoy the realtime lyrics: So that’s what they are singing!

I still have a couple of suggestions for improvement: 1. Please Apple, we’re all tired of dead silence between songs. Everyone wants the option to crossfade from one song to the next. You give us this option in the desktop Music app. Why won’t you give it to us on the other platforms?!

2. I want a “My Favorites” tab. I want to be able to have one place where I can find the music that I like and/or favorite. When I randomly find new songs I like, I don’t want to have to create a playlist for all of them so I can easily save them to listen to them again. When I’m working out or driving, this is too cumbersome.

As a result of their improved music service, I’m finding new music that I really enjoy! And that’s a blast!

On a similar note, I stumbled across an app that lets you migrate playlists from one platform (Spotify and Apple Music for example–and 9 other services as well) to the other, making switching services and sharing playlists rather easy. It’s an iOS app called SongShift. You can even use it on other people’s shared playlists to import them into your account. Very cool app! Tim likes.