A Tonneau Cover for Bunctious

I had never really heard of a tonneau cover before. I hadn’t noticed the covers on trucks because I really never paid any attention to pickup trucks. But when we decided to buy a pickup truck, I began paying attention. A whole new world emerged.

We have always wanted to drive across the country and decided to do so when we leave Atlanta. We don’t want to rush, just lollygag down the road stopping whenever we want, seeing the country. Naturally, we would plan the trip for the purpose of seeing relatives and sites of interest.

But how do you secure the things in the truck bed–especially when parked overnight? That’s when I found out about tonneau covers. And how do you pronounce that exactly? (Tah No) There are lots of them on the market. Which is the best? What distinguishes one from the other? I watched several YouTube videos about them and settled on the ReTraxPro XR.

I didn’t want to mess with the installation process. But more importantly, I didn’t want to order the wrong size. Amazon sells them, but the sizing is a little ambiguous. You certainly wouldn’t want to get the wrong size delivered to the house and have to send it back! The box is huge and heavy, requiring two people to manage.

So, then, who do you get to install it. Internet of things, here I come.

I shot this time lapse of the installation. You can see where we ordered it and watch them install it.

We also ordered the Amp Research Bed Step. They installed that as well. These old joints just don’t want to hop up into the pickup bed. The bed step is the best thing we’ve purchased in years! It feels nice and solid and has a good solid kick to it when kicking it down or back up. Tim likes!