A Chance Encounter…

that changed everything

An improbable meeting
An unlikely place
This very place
A Starbucks
This table

[He’s so cute, and the place was packed!] “Mind if I have a seat?”
Steve in his SPAM shirt – THE SPAM shirt!
Tim & Steve at the Starbucks in the very seats where they met

Before smartphones
Before social media
Before the iPhone
Before the selfie
People talked
We talked

A SPAM shirt
This very t-shirt
His shirt
Junk mail
Mystery meat
His initials

Simple conversation
Unexpected consequences
Everything changed
Yes, here
At this very place
At this very table
In these very seats
Decades ago now

Two lives intersected
Two people fell in love
A new relationship
A simple one
One journey together
Who ever would have guessed
Everything changed
Right here
All those years ago

Tim & Steve at the Table Where They Met Decades Ago
Tim & Steve

People ask, “How did you guys meet?” Well, now you know. Before leaving Atlanta, we wanted to document where we met, and what better time to do that than on Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!