MI5 Called

Yesterday I was working out. The phone began to ring. I didn’t recognize the number.

Normally, I don’t answer the phone unless I know the caller, but, for some unknown reason, today I did.

The caller, who spoke quickly as we were on an unsecured line, said, “The rocket launchers have come in early; so, we can install the complete James Bond package now.”

I kid you not. That’s exactly what the caller said.

I was a bit caught off guard in the moment. Then it dawns on me: we ordered the hatchback supports for the Nissan Leaf mid week last week. They both unexpectedly died. The hatchback is crazy heavy to lift when they don’t work, and if you let go of it, it slams shut with enough force to seriously harm any body part in its way.

Nalley Nissan wanted over $300 to replace them ($79 for each support and $148 for labor plus tax). Insane! So, I called European and Domestic Auto Care at 1903 Piedmont Cir, Atlanta, GA 30324. They would do the job for $100 ($59 each for the cost of the Nissan parts and no labor charge at all as he said it would take 5 minutes). Seriously!

This was Eli calling me back to tell me the parts had come in early. I could bring the car in any time, and he would pop them on for me. Previously I scheduled to have them installed at the end of the week.

I love the quirky and unexpected!

We took the car over, and sure enough, five minutes later, we drove off with a hatchback that works for literally 1/3rd what Nalley Nissan was going to charge us.

I had always seen this car repair place here, but never considered using it. Next door was some sordid sex parlor. I guess in my mind that sullied everything on the street. But the sex parlor is no longer there. I’m not sure what is being built there, but given the explosive growth of this area, I would assume it’s going to be high-rise apartments of some sort.

Anyway, the European and Domestic Auto Care at 1903 Piedmont Circle is very nice inside: open, spotlessly clean and comfortable. The men working there are all outgoing, pleasant and helpful. They have a huge window into the shop; so, you can even see the mechanics working on all of the cars in the garage.

Some businesses have a negative or bland karma inside because of the physical space and the attitudes of the people working there. European and Domestic Auto Care has a really pleasant karma.

1903 Piedmont Cir, Atlanta, GA 30324

I am in no way receiving any kind of compensation for writing about this shop. I’m just sharing my personal experience because it was such a positive one. I highly recommend checking these guys out when you need work done on your car. My only regret is that I’m just now discovering them! When I need automotive work, they will be my first call.