Pat Robertson: Now Brain Dead

Apparently yesterday televangelist (tele-terrorist, if you ask me) had yet another full on mental meltdown. Isn’t this filthy rich, 89 year old, religious bigot dead yet? He’s certainly brain dead!

Referring to the Equality Act, he said:

This is a devastating blow to religious freedom and to the sanctity of America. If you want to bring the judgment of God on this nation, you just keep this stuff up. You know, I was reading in Leviticus where it said, ‘Because of these things, the land will vomit you out.’ Vomit you out. I think God will say, ‘I’ve had it with America, if you do this kind of stuff, I’m going to get rid of you as a nation. There is plenty of stuff that is going on. When you look at the potential of atomic war, when you look at the solar strike or something on our grid, you could go down the line of devastation that could happen to our nation. We don’t want that. We want the blessing of God, not the curse of God.”

Classic Robertson fear mongering: atomic war, a solar strike (whatever the hell that is), a list of unnamed devastations. Apparently articulating the list was just too much for his feeble mind. He must be losing his touch because the list of things he could think of to terrorize people was a little lame this time. Maybe the senility is getting worse.

But my favorite was the line “the land will vomit you out.” So, let me get this straight (so to speak): If you treat people fairly, if you treat people with respect, you are being evil. Riiiiight. Got it.

I think it’s about time for the land to vomit out this rich fool (a white, religious extremist, terrorist, if you ask me).

And then to have some subservient woman sitting with him heartfelt and sympathetically affirming his mad rant1 is just, well, nauseating–now that he brings it up – a whole string of bad puns for your comic relief.

Oh, and a side note: America is not a sanctified country, whatever “the sanctity of America” is. It never has been. It never will be. That’s religion-speak for maintaining political power and vast wealth without taxes. It’s sham-speak. It’s nonsense babble made to appropriate some mythic approval from the Almighty himself for Robertson’s personal advantage. It’s both insulting and disgusting.

I personally find it so disgusting, I have to call it what it is: Full on mental illness dribbling out of the mouth of a despicable, greedy, charlatan.

  1. Is she supposed to be the role model for what all good Christian women should be doing: adoring the teaching of her spiritual superior?! [insert string of expletives here]