Pete For President

I’ve blogged before about Pete Buttigieg just after first discovering his interest in running for the Democratic Party’s candidate for US President. This past Sunday he officially declared his candidacy. Every time this young man opens his mouth, I am impressed. He’s not just articulate, exceptionally full of thought, deeply inquisitive, casting a view to the long term consequences of governance, and framing our current challenges as opportunities for a better future. He listens. He answers the questions he is asked directly and honestly.

But most importantly to me, anyway, he sees holding political office as the gift of self-sacrifice to serve the greater good of the nation. He represents a humility uncharacteristic of someone of his astonishing accomplishments.

Below is his speech at the official announcement on Sunday, April 14th.

He isn’t running against anything or anyone. He’s running for. And he is particularly skilled at framing what the future can be in terms that are heavily laden with hope and opportunity. In fact, he actually states that running for political office is ultimately an expression of hope.

He’s still introducing himself to the nation. He’s making the news show rounds. In the first quarter, he’s raised over $7 million from a large donor base. In the 4 hours after his official announcement on Sunday, he raised an additional $1 million dollars.

When people hear what this man has to say and get a glimpse of his heart, what motivates him, they like him and his message. He may turn out to be exactly what our country needs in this very challenging time.

I think he has an understanding of why many Americans supported Trump, and he wants to offer those voters something better. He wants American government to deliver for middle American voters. If you want a list of videos of some of his appearances on MSNBC, check out this link.

I’ve not committed to this young man yet, but I am keeping a close eye on his campaign. He has my undivided attention!