My iPhone Did That!

The Setup

Back in January I wrote a blog post about my growing a beard many, many years ago. It was was the only beard I ever grew, and it was hideous!

This past Thanksgiving, I was lazy and didn’t shave for several days. Hmm… I decided to grow a beard again. My father had one for the last 10 years or so of his life. (We hated it. He didn’t care.)

Aside from an astonishing amount of gray, well, let’s be frank: my beard is almost entirely white. But, as I was saying, aside from an astonishing amount of gray, my new beard was not too bad looking. The beard of my senior years is much thicker than the one of my youth. And I now have an idea of how to trim it–a notion of which I had no inkling with my first gnarly, uneven and unkempt bit of scruff.

The Post Itself

This past week I read an article about the camera app and the newest iPhones XYZ (whatever Apple’s stupid naming conventions are now). Apparently the app can do some amazing depth of field adjustments using the latest hardware. But I thought my older iPhone X could do these things too, though I had never tried them.

Well, it turns out my iPhone can do some of them. So I decided to try the black and white portrait shots. Apple calls this mode “stage light mono.” I just shot a selfie with no thought to anything other than, “Hmm. I wonder if this will work.”

Frankly I was rather shocked at the resulting image. The only thing I did to this photo after shooting it was to crop it in a square aspect ratio. And, the only reason I did that was to remove the visible camera from the bottom left of the shot. The result is certainly not too bad for a phone selfie!

The camera app just removed the distant background completely, turning it all a high drama solid black.