That Fabulous Fox Theater

Everyone knows how I love the interior of the Fox Theater. However, they keep the theater so dark taking pictures with a cell phone is virtually impossible! Additionally, when you first come into the theater, while your eyes are adjusting to the darkness, seeing is all but impossible! I all but trampled a very short woman in line at the concession stand because I didn’t see her at all in her black dress! And getting up and down the non-standard sized steps is simply dangerous, especially as packed with people as the place always is.

At any rate, I always shoot photos when I’m inside. Of course, I only shoot the photos before or after the show or during intermission. Focus is all but impossible without a tripod, which I never have. And the images are always filled with sensor noise as the sensor is desperately trying to pull in enough light.

These shots were from this past weekend. (Click/touch to enlarge)