Steve’s Happy AeroGarden

AreaoGarden Day 13
AreaoGarden Day 13

Steve’s AeroGarden is growing as you can see from comparing these pictures. See how tiny it looked when it was first planted (on day 13)! But at this point he has had to trim the dill several times. It seems to grow the fastest. In fact, he has even used the dill clippings to make his dill chicken recipe–yum! You can check out the previous post at this link.

Not only do we enjoy the look of happy plants on the counter top, the fresh herbs smell wonderful! No, the tomatoes were not grown in our little garden1 . Steve was just using the grow light to ripen them.

AreoGarden Day 41
AreoGarden Day 41 (Close Up)

  1. Although, we do have some to grow for a later crop!