Women’s March

How did we miss it? How did we not know it was going on?

We were returning from a nice long walk along Ocean Beach which was packed because the Golden Gate National Recreation Area at Land’s End was closed because Comrade Trump is pitching one of his little border wall tantrums. The traffic ground to a complete stop when we got just over a mile from our apartment.

Steve was so bored he started looking at Facebook on his phone and instantly saw the reason the traffic was at a stand still. A number of his friends were post their photos of the Women’s March in San Francisco. The march ended at the Ferry Building at the Embarcadero. Thus Market Street was completely closed. There was no way to get from where we were to our apartment until Market Street reopened at 7pm!

Oops! Change of plans. We had planned to go to the apartment, shower, change, grab our symphony tickets, take a short nap and then take for a Lyft to dinner before the symphony. That just wasn’t going to happen now. But, we had a great evening anyway.

Here’s my photo of City Hall, all lit for the Women’s March, shot from Davies Symphony Hall.