Photo Mystery

This photo was shot with the iPhone X using the Moment 10mm Macro Lens1 . So, the million dollar question is: What is it?

What is it?

Here are some hints:

  • It can and does get very cold when it is in use.
  • It was a successfully funded a Kickstarter project.
  • It has four different parts–well, maybe five.
  • Each part has a specific function.
  • Everyone should have and use one.
  • I really enjoy mine, which is pictured above.
  • It’s practical and functional.
  • You could use it several times each day, but I typically only use mine once a day.
  • It would probably most appeal to the ecologically-conscious.

So…what do you think this is? When you just have to know, check out this link.

  1. The lens produces a good photo with great depth of field. This was actually the first photo I shot with it. FYI: You do need to get exceptionally close to the object being shot.