AreaoGarden Day 13

Farmer Steve’s AreoGarden

Steve has wanted to grow a vegetable garden in the backyard, but he simply doesn’t have the time to manage one until he retires. And those things are crazy expensive to build and maintain!

So, for the winter solstice, I got him an AreoGarden. He’s got a green thumb. I don’t. And this thing appears to be idiot proof. It reminds him on his phone when it’s time to add water and add plant food.

All we have to do without any reminders is adjust the height of the LED grow light on the top and prune the plants as they grow. The LED grow light comes on and goes off automatically and is brighter than god’s throne in heaven! Blinding!

So we set it up 2 weeks ago by filling it with water and adding the plant pods and the plant food. In no time you could see the little herb seedlings start to appear! I love it. Our next crops will be the lettuce pods I think.

Steve says sweet things to the little baby plants every time he walks into the kitchen and sees them getting bigger and bigger.