Breaking Bad Walter White (iPhone X)

Funko Pop Breaking Bad: Walter White Deconstructed

This is the Funko Pop Breaking Bad Walter White at the end of the series. He has been deconstructed, as I call it. He is full on a horrible human being. You can call it FuPo-BrBa-WaWh for short.

This particular Funko Pop shows Walter wearing his bad ass glasses and hat. To Funko Pop’s credit, the included the eyes on Walter behind the sun glasses, even though the sunglasses are completely opaque. Nice touch!

The character is holding the blue-tinted cocaine. The color indicated its purity, the result of the precise chemist who created it.

Breaking Bad Walter White (iPhone X)
Breaking Bad, Walter White (iPhone X)

To be clear, I enjoyed the series immensely. I hated the character Walter quickly descended into. I think the Funko Pops rock!

Oh, and aside, this was shot on the iPhone X using the Moment 58mm lens. Post-production of the photo was done in Lightroom CC on an iPad.

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