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Let’s Just Get It Over With Already: MAGA!

The Republicans are not going to achieve the goals of their “constituents,” MAGA, until:

  • anyone earning over $250,000 a year doesn’t have to pay any taxes at all: federal, state, or local
  • the corporations these people work for or own don’t have to pay any taxes at all: federal, state, or local
  • none of the tax revenue everyone else pays (not one red cent) goes to the public commons: none for public education, libraries, roads, prisons, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, (which isn’t a tax but they want to say it is), or any form of social “welfare,” etc.
  • all of the tax revenue collected from everyone earning less than $250,000 a year, every last penny, is divided proportionally (based on company value) among all US-based corporations. And we need to keep the definition of “US-based” very ambiguous and open to interpretation. So, the more value a company has, the more tax revenue they get. They are, after all, the sacred job creators!
  • all roads and all other public infrastructure are relinquished from government to corporations. Those who use them pay for their use through per use fees. And all of those bizarre charges that no one even understands on their telecommunications bills today can be put on the bills for every type of infrastructure use: per toilet flush, trash pickup, trash disposal, driving up to a traffic light or stop sign, driving on each road, driving over each repaired pot hole, everything. This will provide huge economic benefit and growth and improve all of our infrastructure,
  • all Americans will be required to attend fundamentalist evangelical “Christian” churches, live by their vile dogma, and contribute at least 10% of their annual income to the church to which they are assigned. In fact, the government can facilitate this mandate by auto deducting the revenue from their paychecks to insure these horrid institutions get the money they crave.
  • women and all minorities lose the right to vote and return to being the property of their owners. In fact, only those who earn over $250,000 a year will be able to vote, own property, and participate in governance, own women and minorities.
  • the wicked gays (They are all wicked because they exist.) lose marriage equality and are sent to be tortured into becoming straight in “reparative therapy centers” sort of like concentration camps setup around the country.
  • no abortions are allowed whatsoever. A pregnant woman’s fetus is the property of the father of the child, just as is the woman. If the father is the woman’s rapist, and she was married at the time of the rape, the husband and the father share property rights over the child until the child is 18 years old.
  • all children of immigrants are removed from their families and given to for-profit adoption agencies, creating a whole new industry to stimulate the economy.
  • all national parks and monuments are immediately made available for development via corporations through a bid process.
  • retirement is to be considered indolence and a welfare program for those who were unwilling to earn at least $250,000. It is eliminated for those who were unwilling to earn $250,000 for at least the majority of their working careers.

Indeed, this is the country in which I want to live, a country in which every citizen who makes less than $250,000 is a slave to corporations from their earliest years until they drop dead. Every citizen is a god-fearing, terrorist-fearing, righteous man. Everyone making less than $250,000 is considered a mere revenue stream, property to be owned and exploited as God would have it. From sea to shining sea, this is truly a beautiful country built on what the free market dictates along with the true intentions of the wealthy founding fathers and, above all, the God in whom we trust.

So let’s just get it over with already. Let’s pass a few laws and make it so. The Republican Party has been dragging its feet! Enough!! This is certainly not some dystopian view of the United States of America, this is the will of the Holy Father and the Motherland.

Indeed! Make America Great Again!

If you don’t think this is the ultimate agenda of the Republican Party, then you need to wake up and get your nose out of FOX News and the Republican noise machine.

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