Jackie Gleason’s Flying Saucer Is For Sale!

Remember Jackie Gleason (1916 – 1987: 71 years old)? According to Wikipedia, he was an “American comedian, actor, writer, composer and conductor.” I only vaguely remember him as a comedian with a very brash persona. Neatorama is reporting that, when I was 2 years old, Mr. Gleason built a house on 196 Furnace Dock Road, Cortland Manor, New York, that looks like a flying saucer. That 7,450 sqft house is now on the market for a cool $12,000,000.

The exterior looks rather interesting, and I love the wooded location. But when you look at the photos on the real estate listing, the inside appears to be simply stunning! I’m including several photos here, but check out the listing as it contains many other glimpses at this very cool property. Oh the days of the mid-century classic with a very flamboyant sense of style!