Bay Area 05DmkIV

Recent Trip to the Bay Area

Around the
Golden Gate Bridge

I just spent a couple of weeks in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities in the US. Naturally I shot a lot of photos around the Golden Gate and thought I would share some of them on my blog. Every day began with some serious fog, which of course I absolutely love! I also got out my big, heavy DSLR, which I hadn’t shot with in a long time. Man, I forgot how much I love shooting with the Canon 5D Mark IV. It’s just a real joy! Yes, my iPhone shoots amazing photos and is always with me. But it pales in comparison with the DSLR and some serious glass.

Shot on iPhone X

Shot on Canon 5DmkIV 

And the next day I shot these photos on the Golden Gate Bridge.

You meet interesting people early in the morning walking the Golden Gate Bridge. I encountered 2 unusually attractive teenagers. They could/should have been models. Took their photo for them on their cell phone.

Then I encountered a short guy walking directly toward me extremely fast (Granted, the wind was dreadfully cold!) with his young daughter. His wife was running about 20 feet behind them shooting a video of them freezing to death. He blurted out to me with great gusto, “Good morning, sir!” The intensity of his greeting was a bit shocking.

One Final Thing…

This post has been written using Gutenberg, the new text editor that will “ship” in the next update of WordPress. I’m trying it for the first time. It’s a little different. Well, truth be told, it works rather differently than the existing text editor, and I rather like it. Too early to know about any bugs…

Well, there is at least one: I can’t see a preview of the post. It has the feature, a button. The button opens a new window but then nothing happens.