You Must Have the Day One Journal App

Day One Journal App LogoWhile I’m in mood to rave about things that really work (Yesterday I just wrote my post about the Movi Freefly Personal Cinema Robot.), I want to talk about a piece of software I’ve been using since it first came out: the Day One Journal app. This is the most awesome journal software I’ve ever seen, and I’ve just about tried them all I think. Yesterday I took the time to come up to speed with the latest features in the app.

I can honestly say, from my own use, this app rocks. I won’t go into all of its many features, but here are some of the cool things it can do.

  • Day One works across your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. They share the same journal data cross platform.
  • You can:
    • have multiple journals, for example: work, home, vacations, specific projects
    • embed video, say a YouTube video, directly into a journal entry
    • dictate a post directly from your Apple Watch
    • “check in” at a location using your Apple Watch
    • assign either of the above two to a specific journal using your Apple Watch
    • link journal entries
    • create check lists
  • The guy over at The Sweet Setup is an avid user and proponent of Day One. He has created a video tutorial series on all of the features in Day One. It’s awesome, although he doesn’t cover the Apple Watch integration.
  • Using the the Day One Journal app, you can have a gorgeous professionally-printed journal created directly from within the app and mailed to you.
  • Of course you can easily add photos to your entries.
  • The app can automatically tag the weather and location of each entry.
  • You can easily view your entries on a map based on where they were written.
  • Easily search all of your entries.
  • Easily see what you wrote “on this day” for as many years back as you have been journaling.
  • Day One has a podcast series about journaling and using their app. It’s worth a listen.

New Day One Journal App Workflows

So I got inspired to design some workflows for several routines I do weekly if not daily.

  • I can now send a photo, say from Lightroom, directly into a Day One entry.
  • When I like a video on YouTube, it will automatically post to my Day One Journal.
  • When I come across a news item in my RSS feed reader, I can now send it directly into a Day One Journal entry on the journal of my choice.
  • I added the Day One Journal to my share menu and can now share to it from a variety of other apps. (also did the same thing with the SmugMug app)
  • I found out that you can in fact do search and replace in a journal entry. However, at this time you can only do this on the Mac desktop app.

I created two additional journals: Blog Ideas, and Random Memories. I’m going to use my journal as a springboard to collect, synthesize and reflect for writing future blog posts. And I love the idea of writing down random memories when they pop into my brain.

If you’re young or old, but especially if you’re a young person, start journaling as often as you can, and start today. You will be very glad you did! I regret not journaling from my youth.

So, the bottom line is that I am now more impressed with the Day One Journal app then I ever have been. It’s crazy powerful and adds to the joy of journaling.