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Profile Picture on My Vans

If you’re like me, you feel a need to change your profile selfie from time to time. But then, I stumbled onto an iOS app I really like: Prisma. Using this app, you can turn any photo into … well, something else altogether. It’s rather fun to use. I’ve even blogged about it before and here, and here, and here.

Tim Duck Face Steve took a picture of me at dinner. (For those who must know, this was at the Cheesecake Factory at Lenox Mall.) I hate having my picture taken; so, I made a weird face at him: my eyes opened really wide making my duck face. It looked weird, predictably. But I liked it. I made him send it to me.

I then decided to turn the photo off axis and crop it square. I then took the picture into Prisma and let the app do its thing. I created several versions but like the orange and blue one the best. And, as a result, the selfie that has stood the test of time was born.

Orange Me 1080 SquareIt’s odd. It’s bright and colorful. It screams off kilter—not serial killer off kilter, just ordinary off kilter.

In the last couple of months, I’ve discovered Vans “Off the Wall” tennis shoes. I found them when hunting for an affordable pair of tennis shoes.1 They are affordable and popular, as it turns out. I bought a pair.

Nooooo! You’ve got to be kidding me! I can create customized tennis shoes at Vans?! I was gobsmacked!

Glasses: Orange and BlueWhat could be more perfect than having my feet look just like my head? I wear these orange and blue glasses a good bit. They say “Hello! I’m here!” before I ever have the chance to speak. One of my favorite shirts is orange and blue. Could anything be more perfect?!

You get to choose what each part of the shoe will be. I love it! ShirtIt’s not just fun. It’s essential! So I was in a wild and crazy quasi-serial killer kind of mood at the time and picked tie-dye on the back, flames on the bottom sides, a thin yellow line all around and my selfie for the front! Dude!

Tah! Dah! My new custom Vans arrived today. I am reborn from head to toe. Literally!

I haven’t figured out if this is the beginning of my dotage or my second midlife crisis of sorts. Bold. Daring. On the verge—of what just hasn’t been established yet. Now to pick when and where to first were them…

Vans Profile Shoes

Vans Sideview Flames

Vans Back of shoe

  1. I’m over giving the huge brands tons of money to pay stockholders while paying some 8 year old 10¢ a month in some Malaysian sweatshop.