Van Gun Nut

A “Gun Nut” in Open Carry Georgia

Van Gun Nut
As seem in open carry Georgia

A couple of evenings ago we were driving home after dinner. I spotted an older, beat up van in front of us that had 2 bumper stickers on it. The bottom one was obviously related in some way to guns, rifles specifically. We never got close enough for me to read it.

The second bumper sticker was large enough, and we got close enough, that I could make out what it said.

You’re only a gun nut until the apocalypse, and then you’re a hero.”

So, I couldn’t get any sense of whether or not this was some humorous joke kind of bumper sticker designed to get a laugh, or if this person really thinks there might be a coming apocalypse in which he and his (or her) gun will perform heroic achievements. Maybe they think they will defend people against the walking dead, a Russian nuclear attack, Freddie and his chainsaw?

Something tells me there will be no drone strike to take out this van, no walking dead, no Russian nuke, no chainsaw. It will be one of the cavernous potholes on the very road on which the person is traveling! Not so sure the gun will defend him against that.

Yes, this is metro Atlanta!

Yes, I blew out the tag number in the iPhone photo.