Workout Playlist 09

Workout Playlist 09

I’m really enjoying my latest Workout Playlist: 09. Yes, I have eclectic musical taste, and the workout playlist is a bit off the beaten path. (If it’s hard to read, click on it to enlarge it.)

I hesitate to share the playlist on Spotify because it lacks 3 of the best pieces on the playlist. [Big Sad Face] But you can listen to 13 of the songs at this Spotify link.

Missing from the Spotify playlist:

And yesterday, with the iOS 11.3 upgrade, I can once again control my music from my Watch. Better yet: I can control it from the Workout app on the watch!

So, it’s time to jump the elliptical!

Workout Playlist 09Great music video of 101 by Karrnnel

“101” (single) Official Video – Extended Cut from Preston Kanak on Vimeo.