Occupied (Norwegian TV Series and beyond…)

Okkupert(Occupied) 2015TV Series

If you haven’t watched Occupied (Season one is on Netflix.), you are missing a great Norwegian TV series! In the storyline, Norway has invented an abundant, clean, renewable energy source they are willing to share freely with the world. So, as responsible world citizens, they stopped their oil production. Russia, determined to have the European Union dependent on its oil and needing Norway to refine it, is having none of that and begins a “silk glove” occupation of Norway focused on maintaining their refinery interests. Each episode is about how this unfolds and escalates.

The series is absolutely brilliant, must-see TV! Yes, it’s closed captioned. You have to get beyond that and read, unless you understand the language.

Actual Occupation

But this blog post is really about the Soviet Occupation of the USA, in real life. Today. Now.

russia putin might military
Not a shot was fired! Brilliant strategy, Vladimir! Brilliant–unlike the stooge you appointed to run the USA for you.

Putin put Trump in office. My fellow Americans: Let. That. Fact. Sink. In!

Putin and Trump shaking handsEven if you supported the man and his slogan “Make America Great Again1,” the fact remains: A foreign, enemy state that is run by an “elected” dictator chose Trump to occupy the White House. Putin didn’t make that decision because he thought Trump would be good for this country, would “make it great again.” Those words were just a marketing con. No. He thinks Trump is good for his personal and his nation’s interests.

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

IMHO Putin’s silk glove occupation of the United States doesn’t use military might. He didn’t have to. He uses the Republican Party and Facebook and Twitter and Google and Fox News and our electronic ballot boxes, et al. Each of these entities is owned or controlled by billionaire oligarchs, who, like Putin himself, care nothing for patriotic loyalty to a nation. These are trans-global, international, money-making machines. They care only about money and the power to make more—as much as possible.

Republican Party

Republican Elephant MouseThe Republican Party and those who own it (hint: It’s no longer “we the people.”) have only tried to discredit the legitimate investigation of this successful political invasion by Russia. They have done nothing to ensure that Putin can not change the outcome of the next election. Nothing!2 These senators and representatives are traitors to this nation.3 They have proven themselves complicit by their very actions, lack of action, and silence.4


No American should vote for any Republican in the upcoming election. Save our democracy. All other issues take a back seat to saving our democracy from the occupying force of The Soviet Union. Vote every last Republican out of office!

Demand change in election finance laws that will gut the Citizens United SCOTUS decision, which made all of this possible. Look how quickly that ruling has resulted in the take over of democracy by insanely wealthy American and foreign oligarchs! That legislative change will never take place as long as the ultra-wealthy can buy our democratic system, are running the Republican and Democratic Parties.

This is not a liberal versus conservative issue. This is about saving democracy or allowing a foreign power to choose the man in the White House that will do that foreign power’s bidding. As long as the Republicans are in power, complete power, as they are now, and do absolutely nothing to address this foreign invasion of the integrity of our democratic elections, they are the problem. But even worse than merely doing nothing, they actively work to discredit the nation’s law enforcement and special counsel getting to the truth as their Russian and ultra-wealthy oligarchs have demanded of them.

CC: Donkeyhotey

I don’t think we fully understand how the ultra-wealthy in the USA (certainly not all of them) are no different than the wealthy oligarchs that enslave other nations’ peoples. They work for their own interests only. We bought the big con: They’re too big to fail.

The Republicans are traitors. Their actions are treason. They have been played for fools. Don’t let them play you for a fool as well.

Republicans must go! Astonishing levels of reform must take place. I hope it’s not already too late.

  1. I mean, after all, who wouldn’t want America to be great? Oh… Putin. 

  2. I suspect they fear the fraud they have perpetrated for years through engineered elections will come to light! 

  3. As many have silently chosen to leave office at the end of this term, I wonder what they all fear so very much?! 

  4. Yes, I know it’s not just the Republicans, but it’s so overwhelmingly the Republican Party it might as well be just the Republicans. We can not be that easily distracted by party loyalty. We need loyalty to democracy above all else!