Favorite Shirt

Help! Recommendations needed…

If you’re like me, you buy clothes based on what you think you will like at the time of purchase. Just something about the item of clothing speaks to you when you first see it. But only time will tell if you really like the article of clothing or not.

And when you do, when you really love a shirt, for example, it becomes a friend in your closet, a friend that calls to you when you’re picking out what you’re going to wear on a given day. That’s how it begins, and a favorite is born.

Only a small percentage of my clothes reach this exalted status: favorite. I wear these items out or occasionally lose them in a hotel. (Well, Steve loses them for me. “Did you carefully check the room?”)

Favorite ShirtIn the mid 1990’s I saw this shirt in Rich’s at Lenox mall. It was on a display and called my name. I love the colors. I love the way the fabric feels. It’s weight is just right, making it the perfect warmth for winter and for all year ’round in the Bay Area.

I bet I’ve worn this shirt almost ever week even these nearly 25 years later!

But yesterday, I was horrified to see that it has a tear! A big tear!! I have no idea how this happened. I’m pretty easy on clothes and don’t even remember the last time I damaged a shirt or pair of pants. I’m “beside myself,” as we say in the south.

So, here’s where I need help

What’s the best way to get my old friend repaired? I can’t discard it even though it’s starting to look frayed around the cuffs. I love it too much! Can it be rewoven? And, if so, who does that in the Atlanta are?

I need help saving my old friend!