Yay! Burger King Commercial Explains Net Neutrality

People are busy. Many haven’t even realized Trump’s FCC has already repealed net neutrality. And most people don’t even know what that means—YET!

But guess, what? You soon will notice. You soon will care. You’re about to get ripped off even more by your big friends like Comcast.

So Burger King created this really awesome commercial for the Whopper that explains net neutrality. With your chosen payment tier at the Burger King checkout line, you get to choose your own mbps: slow, fast, or hyper fast. MBPS stands for making burgers per second.

The commercial is brilliant! It sells their hamburgers and teaches everyone what’s in store for us with the repeal of net neutrality.

Burger King made a wonderful commercial a while back about bullying.

I appreciate their use of marketing to inform for social justice as well as sell their product.

Here’s the net neutrality commercial.

And here is the link they provide to fight back by signing the petition at Change.org/SavetheNet.