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Upgrading My iPhone Part Five: Which Phone Am I Keeping?

I probably should keep using my old iPhone 6s Plus, give Steve which ever iPhone (8 Plus or X) he wants and return the one he doesn’t want. Then, if Apple announces an iPhone X Plus, buy that phone. This would be the sensible decision. An Apple X Plus would be the best option for what I need, but it doesn’t [yet?] exist.

question markThe Sensible Decision

Why make the sensible decision? Because none of these new iPhones works with T-Mobile’s new 500mHz bandwidth. Therefore, the phone calls’ signal strength is no better than on my iPhone 6s Plus. None. The next generation of iPhones will see the 500mHz bandwidth, meaning cell phone calls indoors and around buildings will have stronger signal strength.

Flying the Mavic Pro with the X is no better than flying it with the iPhone 6s Plus–presently it’s considerably worse as the DJI Go 4 app has yet to be optimize for the X. Waiting makes sense. But there is never a perfect solution. One could always end up waiting for some perfect solution always just slightly out of reach. And besides, my airplane could fall out of the sky next week!

Wallet squeeze expensiveThe Over-priced Decision


The higher speed camera lens on the iPhone X definitely has better performance in low light. The faster processor can shoot gorgeous 2k video up to 240 fps. The faster A11 processor can process h.265 video. The X has double the storage capacity. (And yes, boys and girls, I fill up my 128GB iPhone 6s Plus all the time and have to copy files off of the device.) The wireless charging is actually easier. (I don’t have to feel around in the dark for the connector port.) FaceID is delightfully convenient. I would be surprised if DJI didn’t optimize the DJI Go 4 app for the iPhone X. And, I really like the smaller form factor.

So, yes. I think I’m keeping the absurdly over-priced iPhone X. I would almost regret this decision but for the fact that I skipped the iPhone 7. Frankly, in my not-so-humble opinion, the iPhone X and an iPhone X Plus should have been the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus offered at the iPhone 7 price point just over a year ago. The performance improvements and feature additions of the iPhone X, while appreciated, are still that narrowly incremental. Apple is milking the upgrade cycles for all its worth.

Apple needs to up its game or it will continue to lose market share on its bread and butter product line. They need to make the setup process fast and utterly “place-your-new-iphone-next-to-your-old-one-and-poof” simple instead of the nightmares I endured setting up the 8 Plus and the X. They need to leap out ahead of their competition instead of continuing to lag behind. (Check the specs of the Note 8 and especially the LG V30. Apple is behind in innovation on its bread and butter product line!) And Apple’s products need to be priced substantially less while quality and battery life are improved.

Did you notice there were no long lines for weeks on end in front of the Apple stores for this product release? “Oh hurry to buy or you won’t get yours in time for the holidays.” Hah! Really?

“Wait times are terrible: 4 to 6 weeks!” became, “Oh, guess what?! Product availability has improved significantly because… well, ‘production issues have been solved.'” Yeah, riiiiiight! Two weeks ago I just walked into the Apple Store in a very busy mall located in an area with people who have more money than they know how to spend1, and I walked out with 2 phones. I was told they had plenty in stock. I just don’t believe they are moving the way they once did. They are too expensive for so few minor improvements.

I, like others I know, will probably become less and less likely to be victimized by their premium priced barely enhanced upgrade cycle. I’m still sorely tempted to take this X back and wait for the next upgrade cycle2. I have until the end of the first week in January to decide. Hmmm.

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  1. Isn’t that where all of the Apple Stores are located? 

  2. But that could be after the new year or as late as the end of next year.