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@Plotagraph: An Update on Their Pricing

Plotagraph iconPreviously I wrote a blog post about 2 very cool software products: Cinemagraph and Plotagraph. In it, I bemoaned the unaffordability of both, and the expensive software rental model Plotagraph chose to use1. For the casual user, like myself, Plotagraph was just too expensive to rent for the few projects I would like to produce from time to time.

Well, I would like to think that the creative minds behind Plotagraph read my blog post and responded. But, I doubt my blog post had much, if anything at all, to do with it. They probably found the market as a whole to be slow to respond to their cool software but rather expensive software rental model.

But they did respond!

In fact, they came up with a better idea than the ones I suggested. Now you can use their software for 24 hours for $4.99.

Thank you to the person or people at Plotagraph who came up with this idea!! The 24 hour access is a reasonable solution for me, very reasonable! Your software does a really cool, creative thing and does it well. Now, the casual creative who dabbles a little here and there can afford to use it! As a result, our annual holiday video contains a very cool Plotagraph!

Awesome. Tim Likes!

  1. I’m sure it’s reasonable for big production studios, but that’s not me.