Abel Tasman Park

NZ Partial Panos (Part 2: Abel Tasman National Park & The Waters)

About halfway through the trip we took the ferry from Wellington (the North Island) down to Picton (the South Island) and drove from there to our hotel, The Waters, in Tasman. The Waters served as home base for our explorations of the Abel Tasman National Park.

Abel Tasman National Park Map
Abel Tasman National Park Map (Google Maps)

The Kiwi fellow seated in this photo (below) taking in the tranquil vista joking said we would needed to reach out to his solicitor to sort out arrangements for using his person in my photo.

Near Picton
Driving from Picton (2) to Tasman (3)

The Waters sit on a small spit of land with Tasman Bay on one side and Moutere Inlet on the other. It’s a working farm, a vineyard. Below is the view of the vineyard from the bedroom balcony.

The Waters
A lake at the vineyard

The view of Tasman Bay from the front of our suite…

The Waters
Big sky with a glimpse of the bay at the bottom

The Waters The Waters

The cliffs at the edge of the bay as seen from the water’s edge at low tide…

The Waters
Sea shells abounded

Abel Tasman National Park (partial panos below) is all but completely uninhabited. When the park was formed, the handful of tiny homes (many are simple, rough-hewn shacks) that remain (no utilities are present) in this vast area of dense rainforest, were granted the right to remain until the owners’ death. This is undisturbed wilderness.

Abel Tasman Park
A lagoon where we were put ashore in Abel Tasman National Park (4) to hike through the rainforest
Abel Tasman Park
Another shot of the location where we put ashore
Abel Tasman Park
You can see the boat that dropped us off for the day on the far side of the cove.


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