New Zealand ’17: Day 14 – Farewell NZ (Wed)

Flight Home: Air New Zealand
Date During Trip: July 12, 2017

I awoke this morning and Steve had already left to go workout. He left the fireplace on. It was fabulous! It was snowing and had obviously snowed a good bit in the night! Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

I began organizing my suitcases for the trip home. It was a big production, but everything worked out just fine.

When Steve came back, we got ready for breakfast. On the walk to breakfast, in the snow, we both took pictures, and I shot video. It was so lovely. Queenstown was putting on a display for us. The waitress said it rarely snows like this in Queenstown.

Rare sunny days in Milford Sound, and we had the experience on both of our trips there (including this trip’s helicopter ride); rare snow days in Queenstown, and we had them on this trip and the last! New Zealand loves us.

Here are a few shots around the hotel room and lodge. We absolutely love the Matakauri Lodge! Highly recommend!

Click any photo to enlarge it.

We got ready and headed out to the airport without any issues. All of the morning flights are delayed. Hopefully our afternoon flight will not be. (It wasn’t!)

Well, this ends the travel journal of our second trip to New Zealand. I love this country. The natural beauty is astonishing. The people are friendly and easy going. They possess a rugged determination couple with a strong sense of the aesthetic. I suspect this is the product of the land upon which they dwell.

The population density is crazy low. People still leave the keys in their cars and the doors unlocked. This place reminds me of the country of my youth, but certainly not the country of my current age.

Peter Thiel bought New Zealand citizenship with a $1 million donation to the Christchurch Earthquake Fund and by building a $6 million house in Queenstown overlooking Lake Wakatipu. We just can’t afford to do that, but if we could… What a glorious place to spend the remainder of one’s days!


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