Bay Area Visit in May

Learning Out Loud

I was interested in exploring shooting anamorphic video with the iPhone 6s+1. In fact, I was interested in seeing how far I could push video with the iPhone generally: nighttime, directly into the sun, etc. I also wanted to try mixing some 360º footage into the my little project to see if significantly changing perspective in a normal “flat” video felt natural to the viewer or appeared jarring. I got some interesting results.

Improved Upload


Bay Area Visit; May, 2017 from Tim Tyson on Vimeo.


On the video above, I gave up on the transitions I wanted to use originally because they restricted the image quality of the video (it’s maximum size). I used different transitions that would allow me to export a finished project in 2554 x 1080, which is the size in which the iPhone video was originally shot. This significantly improves the visual quality of the video when played fullscreen on 4k TVs at the video’s highest resolution. In fact, it looks pretty awesome. Thanks, YouTube (Google).

First Upload

In the first upload, above, dealing with the UHD anamorphic video when your transition plugin is only HD2 was a nightmare. My footage was shot 2554 x 1080 but had to be squashed into 1920 x 1080. Somewhere along the way a few of the anamorphic shots show pixelation. I need a better workflow strategy but am unsure how I could do that differently.

Other Challenges

I used a noise reduction plugin on the sunset/nighttime shots, and, while it dramatically improved the visual quality of the iPhone video, that increased render time exponentially! Note to self: activate this plugin last, just before rendering the project.

Keeping the iPhone perfectly still while shooting in tremendously windy areas proved another significant challenge. Even when mounted atop a heavy tripod using the BeastGrip, I had to firmly press downward with both hands to prevent rolling shutter and general shake from the wind. (It also kept my heaviest tripod from flying away!)

Your feedback would be appreciated.

• Apple iPhone 6s+ with the Moondog Anamorphic Lens
Samsung Gear 360 v2 (2017)
DJI Mavic Pro
• BeastGrip

• FCPx
SUGARfx Revolve 360 plugin
CrumplePop VideoDenoise
Gear 360 Editor – Samsung’s Mac Gear 360 stitching app3
FiLMiC Pro (iOS)

  1. which is now old technology as the iPhone 8 is about to be announced 

  2. Come on Pixel Film Studios, up your game! 

  3. The Action Director is not available for the Mac yet. System requirements for this software at this link

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  1. If feedback requires understanding pixelation, render time and such, I will bow out now before I totally reveal my lack of knowledge.
    If feedback means, “Hey Tim, this is awesome!” You definitely have my vote!

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