Point Bonita Overlook

Tripping Out in the Marin Headlands

Point Bonita OverlookYou know, I discovered the Insta360 Nano camera that shoots in 360º—panorama photos, panorama videos, livestreams in 360º… This little camera rocks! It stitches in real time. Now, it’s certainly not the picture quality of my Canon 5D DSLRs, but it’s instant, it’s crazy small and light, and this counts for a lot.

So last weekend I took it up to the Marin Headlands and shot some 360º video of some of my favorite places on this earth. It was fabulous. The cliffs are sheer drop offs to the ocean with no railing. The old abandoned forts litter the cliffs. And, I was the only person up there.

I then took the video files and created a little movie in Insta360Studio, a free app that works with the camera files. The app creates pano images and videos users can take control of and decide what they want to see in 360º space. I decided to create a video in which I decided what you can see. So, this video file is fixed. You can’t move around in it. I wanted you to see some of what it will do.

I sped up (up to 800% in some areas) when I walk from one area to the other to keep the video shorter.

Enjoy one of my favorite locations.

An aside: The cameras on the Insta360 Nano are certainly not the best, but YouTube’s compression artifacts are really awful, even at 1080!

Oh, and yes, I was Mr. Malaprop in the video. My fingers typed “poll” when my brain thought “pole.” Too many political polls of late! Too lazy to fix it.