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Tim’s Poo Poo List

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Today I’m traveling. I was seated, waiting for my flight to board, when emergency services wheeled a man by on a stretcher. I’m not making this up. It really happened. So, naturally, I immediately thought he was a passenger who had been ejected from a United Airlines flight. I’m serious. This was my first thought.


I don’t see what all of the fuss is about. We all know that as a person approaches 70 years of age, especially a physician, they become belligerent. Normally the best way to deal with them is to knock them out. Then you find them far more compliant.

And how was anyone to know that this old man, Dr. Whatever-his-name-was, still had his real teeth?! I mean, at that age, don’t most people have false teeth? So, knocking out a few of them was an honest mistake when you assume the old man is wearing dentures, right?

Besides, in our nation today, nobody gets what they pay for. So, why all of the fuss? Just because he paid for a seat on the flight doesn’t mean he should expect to get one, right? He should have expected to be ripped off, as in ripped off of the plane just as he was. That’s the new norm in business practice today: rip off your customers.

And the CEO of United Airlines was justifiably upset that his employees were being terribly inconvenienced by the presence of paying customers. Customers are, and always have been, a nuisance. They just get in the way of efficiency. And this CEO values efficiency.

Certainly, I get it. The CEO was confused. He thought the flight was oversold. Aren’t they all oversold? After all, some of those damned nuisance customers don’t show up to board the plane. Never mind the fact that the flight was really not oversold. His was not a lie but simply an alternative fact.

And besides, it wasn’t the airlines fault the paying customer got a concussion when he was attacked, assualted, and bloodied. They correctly blame all of that on airport security. I know the CEO called them police, but he was traumatized by the fact that his employees were being denied a seat because of a paying customer.

And finally, airport security exists to keep us all safe from the terrorists, like this terrorist who posed as a 70 year old doctor who paid for his seat on the plane and was trying to get home. No one should be upset that one of the security forces had been fired from his previous job for violent behavior. That violent behavior, after all, is what keeps up all safe and secure.

Let’s Get Real

Tim has a corporate shit list: corporations with whom he will never, ever do business again. The list isn’t very a long. Here it is:

1. Any company owned by 45 or any member of his immediate family will never get a penny from me.

2. Exxon Mobile (The Valdese was inexcusable!)

3. BP (The deep water oil well debacle and the subsequent chemical poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico to hide the enormity of their atrocity is unforgivable.)

4. Any company owned by the Koch brothers or the Mercer family. (They both own the federal government and are working on owning most state governments.)

5. Amway (The DeVoss family is hellbent on destroying America’s public schools.)

6. Chick-fil-A (I don’t care that they are religious people. I care that they fund anti-gay causes and made a huge public relations issue out of it.)

7. And now, United Airlines.

I will never fly United again. Ever. As long as I live. What they did and do is unspeakably evil, and I blame them fully for this outrage, which, thankfully, was caught on video by fellow passengers who were horrified and traumatized by the savage way this poor, defenseless, elderly man was brutalized.

There is no excuse. There is no justification. There is no apology that can make this right. Fire the CEO. Restructure the whole of the organization that will tolerate such despicable misconduct.

We are speaking of basic human dignity and respect. They have none. NONE! I hope this incident brings them into bankruptcy! (I’ve heard the doctor, the victim, is Chinese, that United has a lot of routes in China, and that the Chinese are boycotting United as a result. Good!)1

When my first thought, seeing a man wheeled out by emergency services, is that he was physically assaulted by a corporation, something is profoundly wrong. Greed rules. Brute force is the new norm. Compliance is demanded. Expect to be ripped off and mistreated. You don’t matter in this nation any more–just your revenue stream.

  1. Not sure the last bit is factual or rumor. 

2 thoughts on “Tim’s Poo Poo List”

  1. As a former employee of ExxonMobil, I feel it is somewhat unfair to put that corporation on your Poo-Poo List for the Exxon Valdez disaster.

    Unlike many other companies faced with a similar situation, Exxon took full responsibility and spent an an enormous amount of money not only on the cleanup but on compensation for Alaskans who were impacted (and many who were not). A great proportion of these expenditures were voluntary, not court-directed.

    Imagine the cost to taxpayers and to the country should a similar disaster have taken place with a tanker owned by a smaller company – say, an oil trader.

    Much of the poor public perception of Exxon following the Valdez disaster is due to the piss-poor public relations skills of the then-CEO Larry Rawls.

    Having worked for Exxon and/or ExxonMobil for over three decades, I know I am not a disinterested observer – and yet I know their corporate culture. The Valdez was an accident, and one that would have been far worse had it befallen a different, less responsible company.

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