Some Clever Passive Aggressive Behavior

I met a new friend this past Sunday, an old time friend of Steve’s I had never met before. He came to town for the Olivia Newton-John Concert. We all left together in one car, and, on the way out, I noticed his car tag. It was something like this:


Maybe there was a capitol “D” or two in there as well. The letters and numbers all looked all but identical and were impossible to distinguish from one another. At any distance, forget it! I laughed and suggested that someone had a bit of a problem with the police. In fact, he sort of does.

He chose his personalized car tag to confuse the traffic cameras that issue tickets and track where we are driving. He lives in the police state called North Carolina. I thought it was clever, but, at the same time, I suspect he is inviting the very scrutiny he wishes to avoid.