Bird Nest

We Are Empty Nesters Now…

One day, as I was passing near the windows around the front door, I thought I saw a bird nest in the bush in the planter by the door. I went closer to inspect it, and yes! There in the tiny nest were 4 or 5 eggs. It was hard to see the bottom of the nest closest to the window.

Mommy bird was smart to locate her nest here. We had 2 major storms with crazy high wind gusts (probably in the 60mph range) that would have probably destroyed the nest. However, this location was well shielded from the elements.

March 14th
Bird Nest
Bird Nest, March 14, 2017

I think you can see 5 eggs. However, I never saw 5 babies. I don’t know for a fact that there were only 2 or 3 as it was hard to see what was what as they began to hatch.

March 27th
Bird Nest
Bird Nest March 27, 2017: Feed Me!

The first hatchling! He just sat their barely quivering. The poor things seem so utterly fragile!

March 30
Bird Nest
Bird Nest, March 30, 2017: Bad Hair Day

He needed conditioner.

April 1st
Bird Nest
Bird Nest, April 1, 2017: Getting Fat

I didn’t take any pictures of them for 9 days, and during that time they grew astonishingly fast. Once their eyes opened, they very quickly began to look like actual birds.

I didn’t take their picture during this time because they could see me, and I was afraid they would try to escape my presence and fall out of the nest to their deaths. It was a very crowded nest as they got larger.

April 10

The yard service leaf blower on Sunday was just too much for them! On Monday, they packed up and all left. Dang, they left the place a mess! Poop everywhere.

Bird Nest
Bird Nest, April 10, 2017: Empty