Insta360º Nano

I thought I would check it out and then in all likelihood find the product completely unsatisfying and return it. But, I’m stunned! In realtime: stitching, video, live streaming, VR!

The Nano is 3k, but the company is about to release an 8k camera! I mean: will you be able to touch whatever you’re watching?! It will be life-sized?!

You might need to give it a bit to download depending on your connection speed.

This tech seems to need some more development for playing these files on the web. Some browsers play well with the 360º video. Some do not. Handheld devices do not as yet. I suspect the 360º players are not yet widely shared and still have some browser compatibility issues.

At any rate, below are 2 different presentation of the very same 360º video file, my first test of the Insta360º Nano camera. Unfortunately, I don’t know any way to keep the first video file from autoplaying.The YouTube video gives you more control (start/stop) and focuses on the point of view where I set it to initially focus. But the YouTube file had to be processed by a special “injector app” before uploading it to YouTube.

Now, I could have just streamed the video live to YouTube or Facebook, or Periscope, but, well… I didn’t. Too much to learn about first.