Bird nest with 4 tiny eggs

Bird’s Nest

On Tuesday I thought I saw a bird’s nest just outside the front door in the potted plant next to the window. Upon closer inspection, I was right! It’s very small and has 4 tiny eggs in it. They are about the size of Peanut M&Ms.

A tiny little bird has been sitting on the eggs. Occasionally she flies out to the front bannister to meet her beautifully colored husband. I don’t know what kind of birds they are, just that they are really small.

This picture was shot from inside the house, and I zoomed all of the way up (digital zoom—yuck!) on my iPhone. The zoom makes the eggs look considerably larger than they are. The nest would easily fit in the palm of my hand.

Bird nest with 4 tiny eggs
Bird nest with 4 tiny eggs

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  1. Craig and I found a nest being made inside his motorcycle helmet. I was thrilled! He…not so much, HA! Can’t wait to see the babies!

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