Tom Blachford - Midnight Modern

Mid-century Classic Architecture

When we moved to Sausalito, California, I came to realize my intense love affair with mid-century classic architecture. I had always had it, but it was somehow hidden from my conscious awareness. We bought a mid-century classic, originally built in the 1950’s, that had been taken down to the studs and a significant amount of living space was added in the same style.

The quasi-remnants of art deco that linger as subtle hints in mid-century classic design, along with the prediction of what was to be more fully manifest in the 1960’s set apart, make it wholly satisfying to me. The design takes me back to aluminum Christmas trees, the gorgeously styled cars of the 50’s, a simpler time of youthful unawareness, attention to new style, the funky electronics designs that were just around the corner (TV sets and stereos that looked like flying saucers), hanging chairs shaped like eggs…

Tom Blachford - Midnight Modern
Tom Blachford – Midnight Modern (Click to visit)

Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon the 3 series of Midnight Modern photo collections by Tom Blachford! Over a period of years, he has gone to Palm Springs, CA, to shoot mid-century classic homes in a way you’ve never seen before: in the moonlight with the mountains as a backdrop and fabulous vintage cars added as an arresting compositional element.

I encourage you to check out his photo series. I highly recommend them! Fresh and reminiscent at the same time…