Please Stand By

AnnouncementThis is a public service announcement. As you can see, the visual styling of my blog is a train wreck. I’ve decided to stop paying what I consider extortion1 to WooThemes for the blog theme I’ve been using for years. As a result, with the latest update of WordPress, my blog has crashed and burned visually. I could pay Woo Themes $100 for another year or 2 subscription to support the theme I use, but nah–too much money. Way too much. Absurdly too much.

I’ve decided instead to migrate to a standard and very boring theme included with the free WordPress blogging platform. This is going to cause a lot of things on my blog to “break.” Reconfiguring everything to work properly with the standard theme is going to take a while. In the meantime, I hope you can overlook the construction mess.

When I first began blogging over 12 years ago, my blog only cost me $8 a month to run. Boy, have things changed. My blog now costs me almost $75 a month to run: hosting costs a fortune now, plugins are beginning to charge, and the cost of the theme for the blog. I feel like I’m paying virtual rent!

So, I’m going back to basics. My blog will not be visually very interesting, but, oh well. It will cost less.

In the meantime, who knows a hosting service that provides blistering fast load times, a whale of a lot of disk space and bandwidth as my 12-year old blog uses both, great customer support, excellent up time, and charges reasonable rates? Does such a thing exist anymore? My current hosting service provides horrid customer support now and charges absurd rates.

Thanks for your patience.


  1. They no doubt consider it the fair market value of their work. I disagree.