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Deliver Me!

2001 a space odyssey hello daveI have been living in technology hell for over a week now.


My email became completely unreliable. I was only getting about 5% of the emails I normally get. Apple support was unsure what the issue(s) was/were. I was convinced it was a server-side issue. They were not.

Emails were not arriving or would arrive and disappear–most emails were just not arriving. Calendar invitations were not working.

After basically giving up on Apple support, I finally deleted all of my email rules, even ones that were not turned on. I rebuilt my email accounts. Now it all seems to be working normally again.


I went through email trying to delete as many unneeded emails as possible to free up space in the cloud (that having been proposed as a possible solution though it solved nothing). I came upon a song recommendation I had sent myself. Upon checking to see if I had already purchased it through iTunes (and could delete the email) I noticed, to my horror, that 4,680 iTunes music files were missing. The problem was actually far more complex than that, but I’ll spare everyone the painful details.

I called Apple technical support. In the middle of the call, Steve arrived home. My phone auto-connected to the car via bluetooth when it pulled into the garage, and I could not hear or speak to the support agent. Oh god! Technology is driving me mad!

I’m still in the process of fixing the missing music issue which will take a while longer.


We have gigabit fiber to the house. It’s crawling at under 50 megabytes per second. What’s with that, AT&T?!

So, once again I find myself asking: is technology really worth the hassle and expense?

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  1. First – glad I did not miss any party email invites! Secondly, since you are my technology hero, it makes me feel just a bit better when you have difficulty. I know “the feel good” was not your intent…. 🙂

  2. well, I cannot imagine you without technology – tomorrow is another day, keep your chin up!

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