Tim - Prisma-03

Those Photo Apps

New photo apps that heavily process photos get me almost every time! I have to try them out. I’ll never understand the digital magic under their hoods. Perhaps that’s the reason I feel so drawn to them?

So here are some experiments from today’s photo apps download of the Prisma app for iPhone. (Despite what you may find, there is not an iPad equivalent. One advertises as such but is not the same app. Shame on you bad people for being dishonest!)

Tim - Prisma-01

Tim - Prisma-02
Wind-blown in San Francisco
Tim - Prisma-03
Crazy Eyes 01
Tim - Prisma-04
Crazy Eyes 02
Tim - Prisma-05
Feelin’ Blue
Steve - Prisma
My adorably cute better half wondering what I’m up to…

Wow! Never Thought of This!

I initially found this app because several photographers have created some stunning time lapses by exporting every single frame to the Prisma app and then reassembling the time lapse. These are well worth your time. I’m posting one of them and the link that contains more.

Hint to the makers of Prisma: make an Fx plugin for Final Cut Pro X (please), and you will increase your sales in a higher margin market!

And below is the original pre-processed video.

And here is a link about the process1. It’s insanely time-intensive but produces amazing results.

  1. There are actually 2 ways.