Here Come the Fuzz

PsychodelicIf you remember that expression, you just carbon dated yourself to the 6th century B.C. But no worries, I remember it and the yellow happy face, and “The devil made me do it,” and the yellow happy face with a bullet hole. Jeeze. The 60’s were such odd times.

“Here come the fuzz” was a derogatory phrase about the police busting some whatever. After writing my piece about Überciety, a friend suggested that in the future the police patroling the highways will be robotic. I pondered his idea. I’m not so sure.

With our self-driving cars, I suspect another unexpected consequence will be few police officers working traffic. The car will know when you speed. It will report you to the insurance company, with disastrous rate results, and to the government—all for a fee to those entities.

The police will not need to pull you over to issue you a ticket. It will all happen automatically, will even deduct from your account. In fact, you might not even be able to speed at all. Your car might not let you—for your safety and security.

And if the police need to chase a car? Well, that too might be a thing of the past. They will probably be able to order the car to pull off the road and lock you inside until the police paddy wagon arrives. Oh, forget that. The car will just take you to the jailhouse where you sit until the one officer on duty processes the arrest.

Here come the fuzz will be meaningless. That expression will  be replaced with, “The fuzz is in the OS, dude!” Hackers will make a fortune but have to live completely off the grid.