Berley Farber and Brian

Farber Art Installation

I went out and shot several photos of the San Fransisco street cars, had them printed as C prints at Dickerman Prints1. They were mounted  (aluminum back with plexiglass front) by General Graphics.

I hate hanging things on the wall. I measure a dozen times and still end up with things not perfectly aligned. Plus, I didn’t want to get fried by drilling into electric wires in the walls. So, I searched for an art installer in the Bay Area. I found Berley’s Farber Art Services business on Yelp via a Google search. He has a lot of very positive ratings.




I know from friends who have businesses that Yelp charges businesses to bubble up to some preferred status, hide negative reviews, etc. So, I am always very wary of positive reviews. But Farber Art Services has a lot of positive reviews. People say very nice things about his work. I called and scheduled him to hang the photos: 6 pieces.

Berley Farber and Brian
Berley Farber and Brian of Farber Art Services

He was on time. He had a helper, Brian. They were pleasant, friendly and worked diligently. He took care to install everything exactly, precisely right. They cleaned up as they went. (The pieces were carefully wrapped and unwrapping generated a lot of waste, which they took care of.) When they left, everything was as neat as when they arrived.

They polished the plexiglass on the face of the pieces. They took care in the way they handled everything. And, the heavy piece that hangs over the bed is fastened in a way that an earthquake can not knock it from the cleat holding it at the top.

So, I’m here to say that all of the positive things you read about him and his work are probably true. I couldn’t have been any more pleased. Nice guys. Good work. Fair price.

Need art installed on your walls? Reach out to Farber Art Services! You will be glad you did.

  1. C prints are developed like traditional photo development chemistry by using a laser. Each print looks fantastic—like developed film because, well, it is. 

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  1. Those pictures are so good, Tim. So you are back in San Fran, can’t take the heat and humidity in Atlanta??!!

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