Comcast Rip Off

I Ain’t That Dumb

Comcast appears desperate to know who my new internet service provider is. I blogged about their weird phone call in which they all but demanded I tell them. I had to tell them that information was none of their business. It felt so good!

Now, Comcast is sending me emails.1 But, their last email was the most clever and clandestine, deceptive, if you ask me.

In the email Comcast sent me, with a simple click or two, I could test the speed of my new internet service provider. Well, that was nice of them, wasn’t it. Oh hell no. What they don’t tell me is that in doing so, I reveal to them who my new provider is!

Hah! I ain’t that dumb. No clicky-pooh from me.

So, I’m assuming this is how they monitor their competition to see what “special packages” have to go where, in the places the competition is eating them for dinner.

Manipulative. Cheating. Deceptive. Make something look like something it is not. That was just part of my routine Comcast experience.

Since I didn’t fall  for the first ruse, they sent me another email. But wait… Didn’t I unsubscribe from all of their emails?

This is the abuse of a company destined for the trash heap, and I think they know that.

Here’s a screen shot of the first email. Unless you have no choice at the moment, I discourage you from sending this company your money.

I pay less than half what they charge for blazing fast internet—less than half! And do you see the big green “Start” button? The minute you initiate the test, they know who provides your internet service. What jerks.

Comcast Rip Off

May I remind you: If you have Comcast, call Comcast Corporate and demand a disconnect or a lower bill! Their number is: (215) 286-1700. No, that’s really the number for Comcast corporate! I’m not kidding.

  1. Guess I’ll have to kill that email address. 

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  1. I absolutely despise Comcast and they seem to be even worse now that I’ve cut the cord. If I had the time I would takethem to small claims court for some of their shenanigans. It will be a great joy in my life to see them go out of business! 🙂

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