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Comcast: “Sir, you don’t have a choice.” WRONG!

Gigabit InstallShortly after moving to Atlanta, I learned that Atlanta is a “test market”1 and therefore our Comcast internet had a 300GB monthly cap. Additional fees applied for overages. I called their corporate office2.

I told their agent that I flat out refused to have a 300GB data use limit, that no one told us of a 300GB limit before we signed up, and that we had asked for the exact same service we had in Sausalito which did not have any such limit. The agent then politely said to me, “Sir, you don’t have a choice.”

Oh, wrong answer. We absolutely do have a choice where we spend our money.

I told the agent that the instant the fiber that was being laid down our street was lit, I would flee Comcast’s wretched, dying monopoly, and that I loathed their greedy corporation. That day came.

On Friday, April 22, 2016, at 9:00am, we kicked Comcast to the curb. We cut the cable. We now are an internet only household–fast, blazing fast, gigabit internet without the absurd 300GB data limit. We have fiber right up to the house.3

When I canceled the Comcast account, I was anything but kind. I gave corporate a rather big piece of my mind. When the agent started blathering on that they were not the ones that imposed the 300GB limit, I rudely cut him off and began talking over him: “You can save that shit for someone who believes you. I don’t.” As he kept talking, I just repeated myself over and over until he finally shut up. Oh, did the devil make Comcast impose the 300GB data limit? It wasn’t your fault?

Apparently, when you cancel Comcast, they magically find a way to provide you with unlimited internet. They suddenly want to lavish discounts and special bonus plans… Suddenly, they too could provide me with gigabit ethernet, but for more than double the price I got from my new vendor. I was nauseated! Are these people insane?!

Since I terminated their service, they have literally called me 5 times to beg me to come back: “What can we do to get you to come back?” “Nothing!” I exclaimed. But my last call was the most interesting by far.

And who did you choose for your new service?”

“That doesn’t matter. What matters the most to me is that it is not Comcast. I hate your company.” I then went off about a few of the numerous wretched experiences I’ve had with Comcast. When I finished, the agent, who I’m sure wasn’t listening to a word I said, responded with:

“So, who did you say you went with?”

“I didn’t.”

Awkward pause.

“Well, who was it?”

“I’m not telling you.”

“Was it Google Fiber?”

“Am I not speaking clearly? I’m not going to tell you who it is. It’s none of your business.”

I must say that I actually hope Comcast goes bankrupt. I have a long list of reasons why, and why that would be the only hope for turning a wretched, greedy corporation into a business model that manages some semblance of what I consider to be ethical business practice. And, if you ever want to know some of the reasons I loathe that corporation, just ask. I’m more than eager to share. But, chances are, you probably have your own reasons for hating them. I’ve never, literally never, heard anyone say anything good about them. The only good thing about them now is that you can get rid of them!

More on cutting the cable in future posts.

In the mean time: If you want to harass the evil empire, call corporate and ask to speak to the CEO directly. They will connect you with corporate support. Share why you hate them. See if you can get your bill cut in half. I’m thinking they are getting desperate over there. Their number is: (215) 286-1700. No, that’s really the number for Comcast corporate! I’m not kidding. Forget calling the 800 numbers that put you in a cue for hours, and cut you off, and transfer you repeatedly, and lie to you, and tell you to call back because they can’t transfer you, and …

  1. to see how much they can rip you off 

  2. Corporate support is the only way to get knowledgable assistance that doesn’t make you feel as though you just got scalded with searing incompetence—clever strategy that. 

  3. As of the 22nd we had used over 750GB of data for the month. There’s no way in hell we were actually using that much data! 

5 thoughts on “Comcast: “Sir, you don’t have a choice.” WRONG!”

  1. We went cable free last week. AT&T are just as bad. Steve has had rows with both. We just have Internet now but through Comcast as it is faster than AT&T.
    Would love to know who you went with. We do not have Google Fiber yet.

    1. My Steve says they are all “Separate but evil.” He’s right. At least now we have a choice and can pit one evil empire against another.

  2. Wow, Tim. I wonder if we can get fibers run out to our house in Acworth. It’s worth finding out.

  3. I also do not care for comcast but sadly, I have no other choice at the moment. They have done all of the above to me as well. They cut you off constantly and give you different answers or wrong answers. It is really sad that they run their business in such a fashion. I never had this problem with AT&T uverse.

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