Webpass, Inc.

Webpass Speed Test
Keep in mind this speed is on an iPhone over WiFi!
 Have you ever had a company you really wanted to succeed? They just provided a product that was so needed, or at such a value, or both? Webpass is one such company, and I had never heard of them before yesterday!

When we first moved into our new apartment in San Francisco, I connected the WiFi router, and, just for the heck of it, tried to hit a website from my iPhone with cellular data turned off. It worked! I was shocked. Not only did it work, it was blazing fast. No, it was searingly fast! Blisteringly fast: around 400mps fast! (That’s insanely fast!)

I thought the homeowners’ association provided the Internet service for the building. I was tremendously impressed! This had to be fiber. I just returned to San Francisco for a second visit, and we have no internet at all. I asked the concierge what happened to the Internet and learned we have to provide it on our own. I asked who previously provided the service for our apartment and was told it was probably Comcast or AT&T. Oh god, no!

A young (20-something) guy was sitting in the lobby and chimed in, “You don’t want them. They’re shit!” Well, indeed they both are from my experience. “You want Webpass. They are urban Internet providers and are already wired into this building. They provide fast, affordable, reliable internet.” I had mentioned in my inquiry that the previous Internet speed was blisteringly fast. “If your internet was that fast, it had to be Webpass. Comcast and AT&T are much slower and cost many times more.”

The concierge looked up their number online, and I went up to our apartment and called them. It gets even better.

Not only do they provide 500mps speed, unlimited data, and charge only $60 a month, I can pay for only the months I’m in town using it! I was flabbergasted! Can you ever see Comcast, the evil thieving empire, doing that? We now have blazing, searing, scorching, blisteringly fast internet yet once again!!! 

I was afraid it would take them weeks to install, and I would have already died from lack of Internet. No, they could be here at 9am tomorrow (which is now today), and “We are very prompt. We don’t do install windows like from 9 – 12. We show up at the time you want us.” Was I on drugs? Oh, and did I mention there is no install or disconnect fee?!  Am I dead and in heaven already?

If you want, you can pay by the year, and the cost per month in $40-something per month. Can you believe this? Unlimited data at 500mps and you only pay for the months you are in town?!

Though I had never heard of them, Webpass, Inc. has been around for 12 years. They only provide service in urban, high density, high rises in major cities. They are in cities like San Francisco, San Diego, Miami, New York City, etc. I asked if they were in Atlanta? Sadly, not yet.

So, today, Doug showed up promptly at 9am, gave me his direct phone number should I have any issues, and connected me to the heartbeat of the Internet!