OK Cafe, Atlanta, GA

OK Cafe

OK Cafe, Atlanta, GAYummm! The OK Cafe has been one of my all time favorites for many years!

After returning to Atlanta after my 8 year west coast indulgence1, I have been saddened to see that several of the restaurants that I frequented “back in the day” have closed or gone down hill precipitously. A few remain.

I’ve always loved OK Cafe, perhaps because I have so many fond memories from my may dining experiences there. Upon returning to Atlanta, though, the place was fenced off and looked almost as if it had partially burned down or something. I later learned that no, it was just remodeling.

Well, they have re-opened. The menu appears to be the very same. The food is the same or better. The look is all but identical. (What did they do?! But, if it works…) And the place is as popular as ever.

I always get the meatloaf with creole sauce (which they have made less hot [thank you!] and more delicious) with squash casserole and macaroni and 6 cheeses. Divine southern cooking! Great food value! Love, love, love!

  1. which was so intoxicating we bought another place out there for frequent visitation!!! 

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  1. There was a fire that did extensive damage. It is one of my favorites also and was devastated when it had to close for repairs. I love their veggie burger. It is the best in town!

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