Ok, Ok. So I Lied!

PinocchioI admit it. I told a little white lie. I did it innocently enough. I swear.

Back when I set up my Facebook account I diligently filled in all of the information Mark Zuckerberg requested. I figured it would help me reconnect with people from my past (high school, colleges, etc.).

Later I learned how Mr. Zuckerberg was using all of our data to get rich personally. I resented that. Get rich off of my information and nothing financial was in it for me? No. (And then online security, etc.)

I then went back to delete all of the personal information. However, clever boy, I couldn’t delete my birthday; I could only change it. So I created a fake birthdate: January 1st. I have no idea what year I chose.

I didn’t anticipate that I would be inundated with messages and well wishes on my new fake birthday because every year Mark tells everybody in my friend list about my birthday.

So, thank you to everyone who has sent me birthday wishes today. I gladly embrace them even though my actual date of birth isn’t in January at all. You all thought of me with kindness, and I’m appreciative. You can wish me happy birthday on any day you wish!

I confessed my little sin to a friend of mine who told me that I now have 2 birthdays every year and am therefore getting old twice as fast. Oh goodness! That’s just not a good thing.