Comcast: HaHaHaHa!! The Laughs on You!!

You assholes are getting what’s coming to you! And you more than deserve it! You and your absurd 300GB bandwidth limit! Your horrific phone system. Your wretched customer abuse masquerading as support. Frankly, I hope Brian L. Roberts, CEO of Comcast, loses his fortunes, that all of his good employees go to work for Google and Verizon, and that the company bellies up. Comcast can keep those employees who exemplify well-practiced incompetence!

Everyone should savor the picture you see below. It’s the future. Comcast is the past.


A company is laying fiber bundles. You can see some of them in the above photo from our neighborhood. This one is for Verizon. It will provide ultra-, super-fast internet access to our neighborhood. It’s a bundle of 128 fibers. Verizon is only using 3 of them. The remaining ones will be leased to other companies who will probably also sell high speed internet access.

In January and February Google is laying fiber bundles across the street. It too will be providing ultra-, super-fast internet access to our neighborhood. The same company that is laying the fiber for Verizon will also be doing the fiber install for Google.

The workman with whom I spoke said that my street, calling it by name, is slated to have fiber run down the street right in front of our house! He too, like literally everyone I’ve ever talked with, cursed Comcast!

Screw you Comcast! Your days are numbered in this household. I wouldn’t even care if you gave away your service for free. We will rip that Comcast wire off of property faster than anyone can say Google! I warned you. You didn’t believe me. Assholes are often short range thinkers.

Once fiber is on my street, you are gone! I think we will have a party at the house to celebrate! I’ll even make “Ditch Comcast” signs for the yard to encourage everyone else on our street to fire you!

Comcast Tombstone

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